Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Cheer - Front Door Hanging

Now that Halloween is over, I immediately want to press on to Christmas decorations.  Maybe it's because we're expecting baby #2 within days of Christmas, and I want to start early, or maybe it's because Starbucks had their Christmas drinks out already, but whatever it is, I spent over $70 yesterday at Michaels on Christmas craft supplies.  The first decoration I made was a monogram door hanging for our front door.  I already had the big G, the spray adhesive, glitter, and ribbon, so all I bought for this was the plastic greens & berries, which were $1.

This project was really easy.  I sprayed the wooden G with spray adhesive, and covered completely in glitter.  When dry, I arranged the greens & berries, tied the ribbon in a knot around the top of the G & the greens, and then tied another knot to the hook on my door, and made a bow.  All for a dollar plus what I already had.  Voila!

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